Top Cable Companies Mar 22nd, 2021   [viewed 40 times]

As telecoms pivot to the needs of the market, they need to keep a simple phrase in mind: “Reliably accessible.” Cellphones and VOIP services have decimated the traditional landline phone market. In the majority of product bundles offered by cable companies, the phone is provided virtually free of charge. The concept behind giving away a phone line is that if a customer’s home phone is provided by the same provider as their TV and internet service, there’s one less opportunity for a competitor to gain a foothold in the home.

According to a survey commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 47 percent of US households use only cellphones. This means that almost half of the US population relies solely on a cellphone for phone service. Wireless carriers have invested heavily in building out infrastructure, and smartphones have rapidly improved in both form and function.

To many consumers, the phone feature of an iPhone or Android handset is seen more of as an app than a primary service. The plethora of alternative communication options has severely diminished the necessity of a landline phone. For example, Microsoft’s Skype service allows users around the world to call each other for free, assuming they have a reliable data connection. Dialing toll-free numbers is completely free, and minutes can be purchased from the Skype website if a traditional phone number needs to be called.

Telecom companies need to reduce focus on home phone service, and instead invest heavily in providing cost-effective internet and television bundles that meet customer’s demands for a la carte channel pricing and streaming services.