installation technician jobs Apr 6th, 2021   [viewed 41 times]

There are no official requirements for degrees or higher education as most Telecom Equipment Installation Technicians have undergone on-the-job training and various courses in electronics, telecommunications, or computer networking before making the switch to freelance work. However, if you want to be truly successful in this field, an Associate’s Degrees in Telecommunications can be advantageous as you look to impress clients and secure more jobs.

It is also possible to further your career to charge higher rates and win bigger contracts by taking on a number of additional certifications. These include:

  • CTNS (TCO)
  • iNARTE Telecommunications Engineers Certification
  • NCTI Master Technician

Crucially, though, you need the ability to find jobs that are suited to your specific skills and capabilities. Field Engineer’s personalized marketplace allows for easy filtering, making you aware of the available positions with incredible levels of efficiency. When you also boast the skills needed to stand out from the crowd, you will get hired more frequently!