Annual Maintenance for Networks Mar 25th, 2021   [viewed 55 times]

Many companies, big or small, rely on networks and servers for a variety of different things. Some companies are comfortable using their networks and servers for storing data locally, so that they don’t need to worry about utilizing cloud storage or risk losing that data to a cyber-security breach. After all, having the data stored in a physical area in your business is pretty secure and as long as your business have the right protection, it’s going to be safe.

If you’re concerned about your business’ cyber security, hire a freelance security engineer to perform a cyber-security audit to keep your business safe in 2019.

Other businesses use their networks and servers for much more complicated tasks. Some use multiple server racks for the sake of hosting services that are critical to their business, such as remote desktop applications. In some cases, businesses even use servers to render video and perform intensive computing tasks that are unique to their business.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that businesses rely heavily on their networks and servers and it’s vital that regular annual server maintenance is performed to keep them functioning. What exactly is the recommended period of time for maintenance? Why is it so important to keep them optimized?